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Akvaplan-niva is accredited according to laboratory standard NS-EN ISO 17025  with registration number TEST 079 and inspection standard NS-EN ISO 17020 with registration number INSP 013. We perform the following assignments according to accredited methods:

Mission in environmental monitoring

  • Environmental monitoring of aquaculture facilities: B, C, ASC and C / ASC surveys
  • Environmental monitoring offshore
  • Recipient investigations
  • Environmental mapping
  • Quantitative and semiquantitative surveys of littoral and sublittoral hard bottom
  • Sampling of soft bottom fauna
  • Sampling of environmental pollutants
  • Sorting and identification of marine benthic samples
  • Assessment and interpretation of data
  • Assignments in chemical analyses
  • Environmental hazards in sediments and biological material
  • Grain size (infiltration plant)
  • Physical / chemical measurements in oil


  • Capability certificate
  • Locality classification/site survey


Akvaplan-niva is certified according to the ISO 9001 quality standard